RePEc Genealogy

This project tries to document, within the field of economics, who was a student of whom, when and where. Whenever possible, links are made to profiles of authors on RePEc services such as EconPapers, EDIRC, and IDEAS. The data are collected through crowdsourcing, much like Wikipedia: anyone can add or modify entries to the data, provided one authenticates oneself using RePEc Author Service credentials.

Once there is sufficient mass of data, one can use it to determine better who are the young economists; one can also do some program evaluation. Currently, author pages on IDEAS link back to their genealogy pages, if present. Also, lists of alumni of departments and their publications are compiled. You can find those on the relevant department's page at EDIRC.

Please help in making this project a success! You can contribute here, adding an entry about yourself or someone else. Thanks!

Over 21,000 economists are listed in the RePEc Genealogy. Thanks to over 8,000 contributors for their help! And help continue adding authors!

Following a poll on the RePEc blog, information on RePEc Genealogy is now used to rank advisors and institutions (last 10 years of publication). A ranking of authors by graduation cohorts is also available.

There is now a tutorial